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Has your organisation been thinking about migrating from MS Access to a web application?

We offer a cost effective migration solution for any size of business.

Unlike online migration tools which are limited, expensive and incur ongoing costs, they will not preserve your forms or bespoke (VBA) business logic.

We work with our customers to deliver a great user experience which retains the code your organisation depends upon, with the added benefit of no ongoing licensing fees.

What we offer

Why it's time to migrate

  • Microsoft Access is only suitable for a very small number of concurrent users.
  • Suffers from slow performance on larger data sets and it doesn’t scale.
  • Has locking issues when accessing data by multiple users.

Benefits a modern web application

Always-on availability and access from any device with a web browser including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. It permits flexible working and multiple users can work and collaborate with the application in parallel. Updates to the application are deployed to all users at the same time so all clients will l automatically use the latest version. We support all popular platforms both on premise and in the cloud such as Azure, AWS, SQL Server, ProgessSQL and MySQL

Who we are

We are a UK consultancy based in London with a proven track record of delivering solutions to meet our customers needs. We have over twenty years experience of developing solutions with Microsoft Access and creating robust Web Applications

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